This is a time to stand up and speak out

Let’s pursue a bold, optimistic, and progressive policy agenda that reflects our American values.

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I’m running for Congress because I believe there’s a massive deficit of trust that exists between people and their government, and we need to fix it. We need to restore faith in our politics. Once we do, we can get government working again to fulfill its basic purpose—making our everyday lives better.

Throughout my career, whether the four years I served as U.S. Ambassador to Denmark or the ten years I spent as a senior aide to President Obama, I’ve worked to build bridges between people and implement progressive policies.

I’m running to be part of a new generation of political leaders who believe in our system and want to rebuild it so it’s stronger than before.

I never imagined I would put my own name on a ballot, but following the election of President Trump, I knew I had to step up my level of service. I knew I needed to more forcefully stand up for the America that I know and love and the values it represents—among them, justice, inclusion, and equality.

It’s with these experiences and these values that I know I can effectively fight for the people of the third district. I’m fired up and I hope you’ll join us.

Where I stand