About Rufus

One of the greatest challenges we face as a country is the massive deficit of trust between people and their government—and we need to fix it. I’m running for Congress to help rebuild that trust and restore our faith in politics. Once we do that, I believe we can get government working again to fulfill its basic purpose: making people’s everyday lives better, from infrastructure and transportation, to education, health care, and beyond.

I spent four years as U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, the culmination of ten years working as a senior aide to President Barack Obama. I helped get President Obama elected twice and helped implement his aspirational vision for our country. Before that, I advocated for progressive causes and candidates across the country. Throughout it all, I’ve strived to build bridges between people, strengthen our institutions, and promote American values.

I know what progressive policies look like in action. Whether it was advocating for clean energy and green jobs while an Ambassador, or helping to pass the Affordable Care Act, I know that coalitions breed success and that bold, forward-looking policies deliver results.

My family has called Massachusetts home since the 1600’s. When they first arrived in what would become the United States, they settled in places like Andover, Chelmsford, and Concord. They built their families and communities on the promise of America. They were farmers and teachers, lawyers and judges (and, yes, there was even a Congressman among them).

My mom and dad raised me, my two sisters, and brother with a love of country. They instilled in me the importance of inclusion, the idea that we have a responsibility to reduce inequality of all kinds, and that everyone deserves the same opportunities I was fortunate enough to have.

These values have guided me throughout my life and career. I carry them with me now on the campaign trail and I hope to bring them with me to Congress with your support.

I never imagined I would put my own name on a ballot. But on the morning of November 9, 2016—when Donald Trump was elected President—I knew I needed to step up my level of service. I knew I needed to fight more vocally for everything I believed in—treating all Americans with equality and dignity, protecting the environment, ensuring all have access to health care, and promoting basic human decency. Overall, I knew I needed to more forcefully stand up for the America that I know and love, and the values it represents.

Sure enough, under President Trump, the distrust in politicians has only grown. We’ve seen the principles of our democracy—diversity, tolerance, and justice— come under unprecedented assault. We’ve stopped standing up for human rights and our values around the world. We’ve seen division, nastiness, and dishonesty. This is not the country and politics I’ve dedicated my life to. And I refuse to stand idly by.

As I travel the district and listen to voters, I see the widespread distrust in our institutions and I hear many concerns about the direction our country is headed. But I’m also struck by the strength of spirit and citizenship, the desire to be part of something bigger, to make our communities better and stronger.

From Lowell to Marlboro, and Concord to Gardner, I see a desire to bring about a new generation of political leaders who believe in our system and want to rebuild it. And that’s exactly what I want to do as a member of Congress.

Despite the current political environment, I believe with all my heart that we have reason to be hopeful and optimistic. Working at the highest levels of government and politics, I have seen the promise of our country and know that our system can work. I know that the future can be progressive and inclusive, innovative and decent.

It’s with these experiences and these values that I know I can effectively fight for the people of the third district. With a sense of duty and patriotism, together we can restore trust and get government delivering for the people once again.

Rufus Gifford

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