Policy Agenda

We need to pursue a bold, optimistic, and progressive policy agenda that reflects our American values. We need to get the system working again so it improves our everyday lives. Below are my views on how we do that.

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Health Care

Health care must be treated as a fundamental right, not a privilege, and all Americans deserve world-class health care that they can afford. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a great achievement, but it’s only the beginning. We need to defend and strengthen the progress made by the ACA to increase access and decrease costs. A Medicare-like system that is available to all citizens remains my long-term goal, and I know Massachusetts can continue to lead the country in this effort.

Climate Change and Energy

Climate change is one of the greatest and most pressing challenges of our times. All levels of government must play a role in mitigating the effects of climate change, investing in sustainable technologies, and preserving our environment for generations to come. The United States must return to its position of global leadership, as seen in the Paris Climate Agreement. We also need to accelerate our transition to a clean energy economy with renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro. This isn’t just a moral imperative, but an economic opportunity.

Foreign Policy and National Security

I believe in a foreign policy that upholds America’s highest values. That means standing up for human rights and the principles of justice, freedom, and democracy around the world. American leadership is vital to a safe, secure, and prosperous world, but I know we are stronger when we stand with partners instead of acting unilaterally. I support tackling global challenges through coalitions and multilateral institutions. We need to use all the tools of American power to advance our long-term strategic interests and protect the homeland—that includes a combination of military, diplomatic, economic, and cultural power.


Good-paying, full-time jobs are critical to ensuring a better future for everyone in our communities. We need to empower workers in the third district with skills, tools, and knowledge to succeed in 21st century jobs, including thousands of potential green jobs we can bring to the district. We also need to double down on apprenticeships and effective workforce training initiatives.


As we build a thriving, innovative economy, we need to ensure that success is shared by all hardworking individuals and families, not just those at the top. Rising income inequality, stagnant wages, and corporate practices that prioritize short-term profits over long-term economic growth are all factors that are preventing our economy from reaching its full potential. I believe in a level playing field and support a living wage for all Americans.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Modernizing and investing in our roads, bridges, and public transit systems are some of the fundamental ways government can make citizens’ everyday lives better and open new economic opportunities. Elected officials have a duty to provide safe, reliable, and accessible transportation options. I want to secure more federal funds for infrastructure projects across the district, as well as pursue bold public-private partnerships.

Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is ravaging families across the third district, of all socio-economic backgrounds. To combat this scourge head on, we need a whole-of-government and a whole-of-society approach. This starts by bringing together community health centers, medical professionals, nonprofits, governments, and families to collaborate and share best practices. So long as fatal and non-fatal overdoses continue, we need to fight for more funding and innovative policy solutions.


Every student in the third district deserves a world-class education, no matter their zip code. Educating the next generation of Americans is a cornerstone of our democracy. A strong education system will help us build a strong economy in the future. We need to increase funding for Pre-K – 12 education and we need to bring down the costs associated with higher education, so every college student has the opportunity to succeed, without being buried by student debt.

Women’s Rights

I’m proud to stand with women across the country who are fighting for gender equality. I’m a strong supporter of reproductive rights, because every woman should control decisions about her own body. I also stand side-by-side with women to fight for wage equality, paid family leave, equal representation across our institutions, and believe we need to take decisive action against sexual harassment in the workplace and throughout society.

Preserving the Social Safety Net

Americans take care of one another, especially our senior citizens and the neediest among us. We need to protect programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. These programs are successful examples of how government can play a positive role, and should be defended at every turn.


The third district has long been home to vibrant immigrant communities, who add to our culture, economy, and civic life. That diversity makes us stronger, and reflects the values of our country. I would fight for immigration policies that build bridges, not walls. We need a rules-based system, and the way we get there is comprehensive immigration reform that protects Dreamers and fixes our broken system.

Gun Violence

The steady stream of mass shootings, coupled with congressional inaction, is appalling and unacceptable. There needs to be federal gun control legislation that keeps assault rifles and other weapons of war off our streets and out of the hands of potential criminals. Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and the state should be used as a model.

Military and Veterans

Every nation should be judged by the way it treats the men and women who have selflessly sacrificed so much on our behalf. We must improve the delivery of services through the Department of Veterans Affairs, ensuring that these brave men and women are treated with dignity and honor. We also must stand with military families, who sacrifice so much themselves.