PRESS RELEASE: Gifford Releases New TV Ad Highlighting Experience, Bold Policy Agenda

Campaign’s second ad focuses on renewable energy, jobs

July 31, 2018

LOWELL—Rufus Gifford, Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ 3rd District, today announced the release of a new television ad.

The ad, titled “Green Jobs,” can be found here:

“The Democratic Party has to stand for something, not just against something,” Gifford says at the outset of the ad.

He then goes on to discuss his experience working on renewable energy as U.S. Ambassador to Denmark and how this will help bring good-paying green jobs to the 3rd District, a policy area he has prioritized on the campaign trail.

Throughout his campaign, Gifford has emphasized that he wants to stand for a big, bold, and aspirational policy agenda, instead of just standing against President Trump. Gifford regularly cites green jobs as one key pillar of such an agenda for the 3rd District.

“When I was Ambassador to Denmark under President Obama, I’d wake up every morning and stare at offshore wind mills,” Gifford says in the ad. “And I was obsessed with Danish-style renewable energy, because not only does it save the planet, it also creates good, middle-class manufacturing jobs.”

He concludes: “And I’m going to fight for them right here in the 3rd District of Massachusetts.”

As U.S. Ambassador to Denmark, one of the greenest countries in the world, Gifford helped spur investment in renewable energy in Massachusetts, recognizing that it is not just good for the environment, but it serves as an economic driver and job creator.

 Gifford released a green jobs plan in March and a policy plan on climate change and the environment in May.

This ad is the second that Gifford’s campaign has aired on cable television, following “Trust,” which was released in June.