PRESS RELEASE: Lowell Democratic City Chair Endorses Rufus Gifford for Congress

May 23, 2018

LOWELL—Rufus Gifford, candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ 3rd District, today welcomed an endorsement from Judith Durant, Chair of the Lowell Democratic City Committee (LDCC). Durant is making the endorsement in her personal capacity.

Durant’s announcement marks the 4th endorsement Gifford has received from a Democratic City Committee (DCC) Chair in the 3rd District. Gifford previously announced support from DCC Chairs in Haverhill, Gardner, and Fitchburg.

“Judith is one-of-a-kind,” said Gifford. “She’s an activist, a civic leader, and an all-around amazing person who has consistently worked hard to make our community better off. I admire her and could not be happier to have her support.

Durant said: “As chair of LDCC, I’ve been approached by many candidates for seats relevant to Lowell. To all these candidates I’ve said, ‘I’m happy to sit down and discuss what I know about Lowell; our concerns, our needs, our strengths. But as chair of the LDCC, I feel it’s best not to endorse any candidate before the primary.’ Then I met Rufus.”

Durant continued: “One of the first things he brought up is the lack of trust most Americans have in our government. Bingo. He won me over with the optimism he displayed when discussing the many challenges we face. He said the taxes we pay should be viewed as an investment in our future, not as a necessary evil; that we can stop climate change and its damage if at least most of us act now; that every person deserves a chance to succeed no matter their color, sex, or economic status; and that no one should be denied healthcare because they can’t afford it.

She concluded: “Other candidates have the same concerns, but Rufus made me once again believe we can do it. Go Rufus.”