PRESS RELEASE: Lunenburg, Berlin Democratic Committee Chairs Endorse Rufus Gifford for Congress

May 24, 2018

LOWELL— Rufus Gifford, candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ 3rd District, today welcomed endorsements from Sharon Jordan, Chair of the Lunenburg Democratic Town Committee, and Lisa Wysocki, Chair of the Berlin Democratic Town Committee. They are making the endorsements in their personal capacities.

“I am thrilled to receive support from Lisa and Sharon,” said Gifford. “They are outstanding leaders in their communities and I know they will be outstanding additions to Team Rufus.”

Jordan, Chair of the Lunenburg Democratic Town Committee said: “I endorse Rufus Gifford for Congress.  I have met or spoken with almost every candidate in this crowded race, and Rufus has impressed me most with his bold policy agenda and his commitment to the value of good government.  He supports issues that are dear to me, especially health care as a fundamental right.  His level of interest in North Central Massachusetts is greater than any other candidate I met, and he understands the economic and infrastructure issues that affect us.  He supports issues that matter to women, like wage equality (including a living wage), paid family leave and reproductive rights.  He considers climate change to be an issue that needs national attention and solutions, and that the U.S. has both a moral and economic imperative to be a leader diplomatically and politically.  I believe Rufus will be accessible to his constituents, that he understands the complexities of national politics, and that he is our best candidate to win in November.”

Wysocki, Chair of the Berlin Democratic Town Committee said: “I’m excited to announce my support for Rufus Gifford for Congress. He has experience at the top levels of government that no other candidate has, and will be able to hit the ground running on day one. Yet he is still a lifelong learner and a good listener, constantly soaking up new information and using it to create new ideas. He’s spent his life helping others and giving back to his community, which shows the kind of service mentality I like to see. His passion for our democracy and helping others is infectious and that’s the type of energy we need in Washington. He has a strong grasp of the varied concerns of our diverse district. I believe that these qualities would make him the best possible representative for my home of Central Massachusetts and for our district as a whole.”