PRESS RELEASE: Vicki Tsongas Peters and Jim Peters Endorse Rufus Gifford for Congress

LOWELL—Rufus Gifford, Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ 3rd District, welcomed the endorsements of Vicki Tsongas Peters, sister of the late Senator Paul Tsongas of Lowell, and her husband, Jim Peters. The endorsement was announced Sunday at Gifford campaign headquarters in Lowell as part of a canvass kick-off rally.

“We are in a time of crisis, and just as Rufus says, we need big, bold, aspirational policies. What Rufus promises in Congress is action and I know Rufus will make things better for us,” said Vicki Tsongas Peters. “My brother, Paul Tsongas, was Lowell’s Congressman and Senator in the 1980s and 1990s. I hear things Rufus says that remind me of my brother. This election is very important to get Democrats together. I see Rufus Gifford as someone who can protect and carry this district.” 

“It is necessary to endorse the Democratic candidate who leaves open the door that Niki Tsongas left open to all Democrats. In our opinion, the best Third District door opening should go to Third District candidate Rufus Gifford, who served President Obama for 10 years, of which 4 were served as Ambassador to Denmark,” said Jim Peters. “We’re here to endorse the man who has the experience to help bring the country along. Rufus Gifford is the man to fight the Republicans in this campaign and in this congressional turmoil.”

“The words from Vicki and Jim mean so much to me. I heard Paul Tsongas speak when I was a young, 17-year-old, and he had an authenticity – a sincerity – about him. And my very first campaign was standing on the side of the road in New Hampshire holding a ‘Tsongas ‘92’ sign,” said Gifford. “He was such a wonderful man, with such a wonderful family, and I’m so honored to receive this support. This legacy is profound, but I promise that if I am lucky enough to win this seat, that I will continue to advocate for all of the issues that are critical to these communities.”