VIDEO RELEASE: Gifford Remarks at Lowell Rally

LOWELL—Rufus Gifford, Democratic candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ 3rd District, yesterday delivered remarks at a rally at Warp and Weft in downtown Lowell. He was introduced by Lowell City Councilor Vesna Nuon.

A video of the full remarks can be found here:

A short clip from his remarks can be found here:

A transcript of that short clip follows:

“I wouldn’t be running were Donald Trump not President of the United States.

“I believe that there is an assault on American values every single day coming from the White House.

“But you don’t hear a ton of Trump-bashing from me. And why is that?

“It is simply because the Democratic Party, if we are going to recapture the hearts and souls of Americans, the party needs to stand FOR something, and not just against something.


“We need to present a big, and a bold, and a hopeful, and an aspirational agenda that people can get fired up about, that can inspire people.

“We need to talk about Medicare for All. We need to talk about aggressive climate resolutions. We need to talk about student loan reform. We need to talk about a big infrastructure spending bill. We need to talk about immigration reform.

“On issue, after issue, after issue, we cannot just stand against the Republican Party, we have to convince Americans that we are standing for them.

“And that is the kind of policy agenda that you’re going to see us pursue on this campaign.

Additional campaign videos can be found here: